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There is nothing worse than packing for a vacation and not knowing where to start, especially when you have a little one to think about. After spending a great deal of time working at a makeup counter during University, I learned way too much about makeup – I actually used to show up with non, and get a scolding from my supervisor, she gave up after a while and dubbed me the queen of clean (I actually became the highest seller while I was there).

Having always worn high-end makeup, but never actually using that much, having a baby changed my perspective. Going into a department store was hell, the heavy perfumes and the narrow aisles, while having a fussy baby, just wasn’t the same. Then it dawned on me that the drugstore was baby friendly and I always seemed to be buying something for my baby. The drugstore was always on my way home, when out and about trying to stroll my little one asleep. Once asleep, I was able to have half an hour, just looking at colours.  Having never spent huge amounts of time applying makeup on myself (I used to go to the gym before work, get changed and ready at the gym), but spent hours on various clients, I became an expert at what to buy in the department stores. Now I decided to master the drugstore. What mother was really going to keep buying a 25 dollar lipstick when you may only apply it once a month. I had a blast, and tried brands that ended up being fantastic, and now I can even travel with them and apply makeup within 3 minutes.

What I love – Neutrogena‘s makeup removal towels. These are the most brilliant little suckers. The package is great, it is not considered a liquid, so you can actually bring it on board with you. It takes off all makeup, and after a day of walking around a new city, applying and reapplying sunscreen, it removes all. Sometimes I wish it would wipe away the tired circles and the wrinkles, but I will settle for all the face goo.

Oil of Olay day cream, Spf 30 – I love the regular day cream, and this was a great option to use and leave in my diaper bag so I would never forget to put it on. It doesn’t have a scent, goes on smoothly, and works well under makeup.

Covergirl lashblast – I have the most sensitive eyes, and have to chuck my mascara out every month. These little orange tubes are genius. Since my fine little blonde eyelashes look non-existent without mascara, I find most wands clump, or make me look like I have way too much on. I can apply a little, or pile it on, and it always looks great with very little effort.

Rimmel lip gloss – I love lipgloss, I was a lipsmackers girl through and through, but when I graduated from that, well, what to do. I tried every lip gloss out there. They all tasted disgusting, stuck to my long hair, and I could never layer them with nice lipstick. Rimmel tastes good, and it doesn’t stick to hair. The colours are fantastic, and they are cheap. You don’t feel guilty for throwing a couple different colours in your travel bag for different looks.

Rimmel bronzer – I am a very pale white gal, and I like to keep it that way. This bronzer is light, easy to apply and can be used as a great eyeshadow. When have you ever had much time to put on eyeshadow when you have a little one beside you trying to stuff toilet paper into the toilet.

Cover girl eyeliner – easy to apply, fits in your smallest makeup case, and they have a smudger/corrector, it last all day.

The only thing that I have to splurge on is my coverup. I have to admit, I have yet to find one that I truly love, I have been using MAC, but I don’t love it. 

Never leave home without chapstick – mine is EOS, love it, and it is safe to put on my toddlers lips during a bad winter dry spell.

Sonia Kushuk makeup for Target – LOVE LOVE LOVE this line. If you ever do a trip to Target., stop and check out the eyeshadow, I was a MAC eyeshadow girl, but this brand is way better, there is a pallet for everyone, and it is so affordable. I now have a collection that I can rotate when I get bored. What I love about them, all makeup has expiry dates, but this eyeshadow is affordable and you don’t feel guilty for hitting that expiration date and not using it up.

A wee ode to Rimmel – I am obsessed with lipgloss, I have tried every brand, and used every high-end one on different customers. I found that they were all sticky, my hair got stuck on all of them, and during the winter they seemed to freeze on my lips. Rimmel was a funny find in Europe. I bought one in Switzerland on a Sunday when there was only a drugstore open, my bags were lost and half of my makeup bag got ruined by someone who put their duty-free alcohol above and broke. So, I had to find a few things in a hurry. I was at once impressed with the colours and the consistency of it. I was able to find a neutral that I could wear to work. The stuff was not sticky, lasted a wild amount of time and actually tasted good.

Have fun in your local drug store!!!