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We all love to hate it – come on, you know that show room entices you…Ikea is probably the only store that I have witnessed massive arguments, either by a pregnant woman having a breakdown because her husband just doesn’t care which crib she picks, just as long as she picks it. Or how about the couple who just moved in together and the guy is just trying to be polite, but he really would rather play in traffic. Early on, my husband instilled the 2 frozen yoghurt rule. He buys two, and by the time he is done, we better be at the cash to get the hell out.

That all changed when we became parents. Ikea is the only massive store that is kid friendly.

When it comes to kids stuff Ikea is probably one of the best, most imaginative and affordable places to pick up things. Their toys are washable, non toxic, their furniture is really cute, who wouldn’t pick up all their kids stuff from Ikea. It is the only store in which both parents are actually calm, you aren’t running around saying “don’t touch, leave that alone, please don’t blow your diaper or have an accident there is no child friendly washroom…”

O.K so having spent 2 months travelling around Europe with a very active toddler, you tend to hit rainy days, unfortunately, spending money to get into a massive indoor play area is a waste, as toddlers are usually to big for the infant area and too small for the jungle gym (we discovered in Berlin).

Well, it is all about IKEA. Seriously, most large cities have easy public transportation to Ikea, and hey, it is free entry, the restaurant is cheap and child friendly, and there are lots of great areas to play. So next time you are stuck with nothing to do, try Ikea!

So, Ikea you rock!