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When I had my son, I had no expectations of people giving us gifts, and I didn’t have a baby shower. Well, those who did, gave me some pretty silly things – aka – clothes, sorry people, I really didn’t like the clothes at the beginning, why, well, because mostly they all had snaps, and didn’t wash well.

So, the one thing that I loved, was the 3 Sprouts caddy. It folds up to nothing, can be used all around the house – it is cute, simple, and can be gender neutral. What I love about it though, I have packed it in our suitcase and used it all around the world. Why, well after the infant stage there were always a lot of little toys, and no matter where we went, hotel or VRBO, I wanted to have a place to put away all of the them. The great thing is, is that it keeps a routine up away from home, put away toys, bath, then story time.

I now give it to all of my friends having babies, and I stuff them with various necessities that I never got, that we found extremely helpful!