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When I was pregnant, I was working such long hours that I didn’t buy anything until 3 weeks before giving birth. There are so many lists and things that you apparently “have to buy”, but frankly, having not had children, my first concern was feel of fabric and wash of it, so why bother buying stuff until we meet the new little person. So, I was a mother who didn’t bother to decorate her child’s room before giving birth, not that I have anything against it, but I am so glad I didn’t.

Baby’s nursery is really about the parent, come on, did your baby really pick it out? Not that I have anything against it, as I would have fallen into this category myself, if it wasn’t for my oh so practical husband.  I did not want my child to stare at marketing stuff, there is so much time to be bombarded with characters, that I wanted to hold off until he knew what he liked. I really wanted something that sparks his own imagination – and yes, I truly believe that colour and simplicity does it.

I have been in love with Dwellstudio for some time, the fabric is simple, and washes like a dream. My first concern was price point for the crib bedding – there was something about spending that much on bedding when my child would explode from both ends on, and maybe/probably stain it permanently. Plus, how long does crib bedding really last anyway?

I had my heart set on a Dwellstudio set, until I found out Dwellstudio made a line for Target – Jackpot!

DwellStudio® for Target® Space Baby Bedding Collection.Opens in a new window.DwellStudio® for Target® Studio Hippo Bedding Collection.Opens in a new window.

I believe the line is not being renewed, which frankly, breaks my heart. The kids line is so awesome, that I wish I had stocked up! They even made change pad covers to match, wahoo!

What I love – they aren’t cutesy or cartoonish, but have fabulous colours, creativity and imagination. So, as I have splurged on DwellStudio bedding for our adult bed, it was nice to know I could get the same quality at a lower price point!

I should add, if you are ever looking for a lovely baby gift, DwellStudio is a great place to pick up a little extra something, the stroller blankets or swaddle blankets make a lovely baby shower gift!