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Many of you are planning your next trip, so much fun, but you are also worried about what to remember for your babies, and what to pack.

Here are a few tips:

I always bring my toddlers bedding – you think it is crazy, but he recognizes it, and will snuggle up instantly.

We always introduce his tent (yes, I said tent – it is brilliant and safe) to him a few days before leaving. Whatever bed you are bringing, be sure to let them have a few naps and then a night sleep before you leave. These little changes can help ease transition into a new place.

I bring his favourite stuffy any time we travel – some think you need numerous of the same thing, well, I don’t. It is only for sleeping, he now has a ritual of leaving his stuffy in bed when he wakes up.

We put away a couple of toys that we will pack and bring on our travels, about 3 weeks before leaving. They then come out in the hotel or apartment we will be staying in. The excitement makes for a great first morning on your travels.

Every time we are in a new place (hotel or condo), we let him explore it the moment we get there. It makes him feel safe and secure.

We travel pretty lightly, but the one splurge that we make, is buying a little toy in the place we are staying. It has worked really well, either it is a puzzle or a sand bucket. It makes the trip special to them.

Hope this gives you some ideas, happy travels!