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I have always loved dogs, to the point that when I met my husband I told him we needed a dog (not sure how you convince someone that you “need” a dog), thank goodness for me, my husband actually wanted one too.
My first love was this one:

O.K kind of big, but oh so cute. It wasn’t until we realistically started to think about poop and scooping in the city (yikes – that is a lot of crap you have to get off of the sidewalk!) So, we started to look again for various breeds.

Our next one:

I spent weeks on the internet searching for Vizslas. We had just moved from the Ontario to Vancouver, and living in a 750 sq ft condo. I was determined to find this dog. Called a breeder…a hilarious man who basically told me that they need to exercise constantly (o.k so a 10km run a day is good, but 3 times a day, really?), and need someone home all the time (we were definitely not home bodies), but I really loved them…o.k, we are very active, but we were working way too many hours for this one.

Then I fell in love with a dog next door, well when don’t I fall in love with a dog, any dog! So, my search was on for a boxer.

Are you seeing the trend yet? I love boxers, they are so sweet and great family dogs, right? O.k that search failed miserably  (I should mention that I was attacked by one outside my condo building). So for months we were searching and pining over dogs. We tried the rescue root, this is where it got interesting,  we were interviewed, and told that we couldn’t train the dog the way we wanted to, we would have unannounced visits (huh), and if they felt we were unfit, the dog would be taken away (great fall in love with a dog, and then have a chance of having my heart broken and being declared unfit). This is the deal, I love dogs (I have saved my dog from being attacked and am insanely in love with her), but they need to be trained, they are family members, but they are still dogs. Did I forget to mention that downtown Vancouver has more dogs per capita than people, and they all look like this:

I forgot to mention, that most ride in these contraptions:

PetZip Monogram Pet Stroller

Yup, this was something I saw on a regular basis. The only problem is, is that the dogs are healthy, just untrained terrors…

So my search continued.

We kept on travelling and enjoying life, but we were missing having a furry face to wake up to. Then my husband read an ad, crap, an ad really? He dragged me out to a small home in the middle of nowhere, and there was this matted smelly looking puppy, oh crap. Of course, she flew onto my husbands lap, and they had love at first sight.

We came home with this:

Not sure how we went from a Great Dane to a Mini Schnauzer, but Caesar Milan would be proud, we crate trained her, and she doesn’t take up a lot of room in the car. We bring her everywhere we can.

So, lets talk about bringing your little furry loved one travelling.

Our first discovery – most dog friendly hotels actually have cleaning crew that are terrified of dogs. Make sure that you either have a crate for your dog, or you bring your dog with you while your room is cleaned.

Take your dog for a proper walk, do your research and look up neighborhoods around hotels. A walked dog is really a very happy dog, and you probably won’t get any complaints about a barking dog.

bring a towel for your dog – it sounds insane, but when it rains you can dry your dog’s paws. I heard one man screaming at the front desk because he was being charged for using 2 hotel towels on his dog – o.k that is disgusting!

Don’t forget their papers! I bring a vet certification with me stating our dog has been spayed and has all her shots.