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Kill me now fashion disasters before baby…

I just put on runners with my suit, really, did I do that?

Broke down and bought Birkenstocks – good grief, but at least they are silver (and very cute).

I had a flash back to my grade 7 dance, denim on denim, o.k it should just stay in the 80s.

Chloe Denim on Denim

Got to a big conference and realized I had mismatched my suit jacket and my pants, um- can I say my dog ate my homework and not make the statement.

Wore beautiful new suede boots to a meeting, crossed the street to get to the hotel and flag a cab, and my heel fell off – did I mention I was on my way to another meeting.

Went to the washroom, and Lucy, dear Lucy (the best coordinator in the world) looked at me and said “doll, you have been working such long hours you forgot to eat, you are now wearing diaper pants.” – yes, I had lost so much weight that my pants were notched in with a belt, and created a fabulous ballooning effect all around my bottom and front. Thanks to Lucy, my nickname was diaper pants for the longest time. Not the look I was going for at work, so I finally made time to buy new ones.


Bought leg warmers to put over my nylons on days that I wore a skirt suit in the middle of winter – well, I tucked my skirt into them and flashed the side of me to my colleague – thank goodness he was much older, and very gay.

Did I mention I got to work and realized I had put a black bra on under a white shirt. Thank god for blazers.

The moral of this tale – to get just enough sleep or drink caffeine, shop online, and double-check what you are wearing and what you are packing.