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Courtesy of Meri Meri Card store

When we lived in the Philippines, parties were the norm, and were thrown for just about any occasion. Dancing, food, lanterns, fun colourful settings, lots of fun drinks and chatter brought generations together. The more people, the merrier.

In my family, white linen, silver and fine china is standard party decor, I now loath it (to my Mother’s chagrin). It looks beautiful don’t get me wrong, but I like using my silver all the time, and if it can’t go in the dishwasher, it just has no business in my kitchen. To tell you the truth, we lived in such a tiny space for so long, that I haven’t done that much entertaining,  I hadn’t thought about celebrations until a friend told me she hated them, hated going to kids parties and thought it was pointless. I had to think about that, why is it pointless? I put it in this context, what would my child learn from me not enjoying parties or not throwing them for him, well, nothing, that is the point. If you haven’t been celebrated, how can you celebrate someone else? I think it is important to celebrate and not dismiss a birthday, wedding, graduation or baby shower. I love thinking of fun food and decorating ideas, I held onto a notion that proper parties had to be formal, that I forgot that they are supposed to be fun. Now I embrace the years of colour and foods from years in the Philippines and other tropical countries, that I am really enjoying throwing my sons birthday parties, and having large parties for no reason.

I love colourful lanterns and fun kids parties. If you start following me on Pinterest (I just started) you will see my obsession develop over time. Colourful lanterns remind me of tropical nights in the Philippines, and I now tend to go a little overboard on stringing them up any chance I get!

Picture courtesy of Luna Bazaar

So now I am curious, do you like hosting parties? How do you celebrate? What do you love to do?

Party on Garth!