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Have you ever tried hopping from one train to another with a toddler, 2 pieces of luggage and a stroller? We ended up getting pretty good at it, but the luggage was not designed for sleek European train compartments. They were too bulky and wide, and were very hard to lift even though I packed lightly, they were all wedding presents. I don’t worry about wrinkles, I am an expert packer, been doing it all my life, but who designs these things, and why aren’t they designed so that I want to use more than once?

Where do all of the suitcases go? Does anyone really like their suitcase? I have seen so many on sides of roads, in second-hand stores and they seem to always be on sale, but does any one really like theirs. After every trip, I have to send a recently purchased one back to get fixed, either wheels, zippers or handles broken beyond recognition, I should add, some are carry-ons, so I cannot blame the airports.

I have traveled all of my life, and have used so many various suitcases and have chucked them all. I have yet to find one that is somewhat useful.

What suitcase or backpack do you love, and what do you travel with?