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It dawned on me last night, that I have officially killed the tradition of hand writing a thank you card in this house. I have an address book full of e-mail addresses, and business cards, but I have not updated any of my friend’s home addresses since my wedding. I was raised to open a present, say thank you, and then make my way to the desk with a pile of cards, and hand write a note. I dreaded it, but now I think of how lovely that really was, and what an important gift my parents taught me. Saying thank you is important, and sometimes the package that it comes in makes it that much better.

I moved around so much, travelled, made so many friends along the way, that I now have 4 massive boxes of letters, cards and postcards. Those letters and cards, however short and sweet, meant the world to me. Now I seem to spend time on Facebook and e-mail, but I never sit and hand write a card.  In the last 2 years, I am ashamed to say, I have not written a single thank-you card, nor have I owned a package of thank you cards, I have resorted to sending electronic Birthday cards, and goodness knows, I am now terrible at sending packages out. We even went to go visit a few friends in Europe, and I actually resorted to an e-mail thank-you, I am sure I will struck by lightning now.

I used to write thank you notes on a regular basis, however old-fashioned, were actually received very well at work. It somehow gave the receiver some respect and a feeling of being cherished for their hospitality, or their hard work.

Since I remember how much I loved receiving them, I thought it was time to start updating home addresses, and maybe send out a card or two, and perhaps makeup for my laziness. ¬†Goodness knows, if it put a smile on my face, I am pretty sure it will put a smile on someone else’s.

So, I will sit tonight and write a few very belated thank you notes.