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Berlin is vibrant, exciting and truly family friendly. Travelling with a baby was easy and a lot of fun.Sure, if you want to bike and drink beers at the same time, you can. Or if you want to go to a 24 hr bar, you can, which we did pass at 7am on a Monday to get coffee (you can read about a hilarious diaper/pub experience here). There was no restaurant we weren’t welcomed in, no side-walk that the stroller couldn’t roll down, and no park that wasn’t less than stellar. Travelling with babies or children of any age is easy in Berlin, well actually anywhere in Germany, but that is for later.

We stayed in fabulous apartments through the VRBO‘s website – which I highly recommend when travelling with babies and/or children. We find it nicer to have breakfast first thing, and not have to run around to try to find something to eat, it avoids a high crankiness level. Going to a Grocery store was easy and convenient, and the food selection was fantastic for a picky toddler.

We love to walk and take public transportation whenever we visit a city. Museums are out of the question for us, as our son is way too active. So, we either pick a couple of museums we want to see and split up on a given morning, or we pick as many zoos, outdoor museums and local parks that we can into various days.

Lucky for us, most of Berlin is really walkable, o.k we did about 15-20km everyday, not everyone’s cup of tea, but it works for us, and we really didn’t want to miss anything. It was easy to stop and let our son run around various parks, and play with other children, and it was easy to keep him entertained at local cafe as many had toys in the corner.

Many attempted to warn us that Berlin was rude, but we actually found that people were just blunt, to the point and frankly there wasn’t a soul that didn’t offer to point us in the right direction. 

It is a city littered with graffiti and warn places, but is part of its charm. The public transportation is efficient, easy and relatively cheap.

There are great high-end children’s consignment stores, as well as all wood toy stores, which we stumbled onto. Shopping is diverse, you can find just about any brand, it came in handy having some shopping readily available when your child grows out of all their clothes in the middle of a trip. If you want to get a great view of the city go to the KaDeWe , they had great food – great family room for changing baby, and many high chairs, we made a stop on a really hot day after the zoo. They also have a fantastic children’s hairdresser, which we made an appointment and got our son’s hair cut, since we had been travelling for a couple of months..

It is such a diverse city and unique and artistic in so many ways, that no words can really describe it. If you haven’t gone, what are you waiting for!!!