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Why a tent?

Well, why not! Over the last year, I have been asked a lot of questions about travelling with a baby, mostly, where do they sleep.  We are not fans of the standard cots etc. They are bulky, and they don’t fit into a suitcase. When I say we travel light, I am not kidding.

You will notice over time that there aren’t that many products that I absolutely swear by. Travelling and figuring out what your child will sleep in, is a huge concern for most parents.

So, here it is….

The Littlelife Arc 2 – Just Google it! It is a brilliant UK company!

We have brought and are still bringing this little sucker everywhere!  We have dragged this on Jaunts to San Diego, Seattle, the Okanagan, back to Ontario and 2 months in Europe. Ours is only a year and a half old, it still looks like new, best of all our toddler loves it!

So, the one thing that all parents should keep in mind, is bringing some bedding from home. I always travel with bedding for our little man – he recognizes it and feels safe. As seen above in our tiny apartment in Amsterdam.

I had one Mother who actually yelled at me for putting my child in this. She thought it was cruel. It is really safe,  he now asks for it to be zipped up. It is great in the sun as there is a U.V cover for it. When he was very young, we brought it outside left it open and he napped in it, while we had lunch.

Most other travel beds claim great things, but this one is light, fits in a suitcase, is really comfortable and works up until 3 years old. The mesh is fine enough, that bugs and mosquitos cannot find their way in (which should be a concern, depending on where you are travelling to).

Make sure that whatever you are bringing with you for your baby to sleep in, that you actually pull it out a few days before travelling. Make sure they nap in it, and spend a night in it before departure. There is nothing worse than all new things for little ones, you will thank me when they actually sleep.

The actual sheet that it comes with is terrible, it doesn’t fit properly and is scratchy. We always use his regular crib sheet.

Happy Shopping

Travel Lady