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Strasbourg, France is not high up on many people’s list of go to places. I am a political nut, so it was high on my list. I have to admit, there was much confusion when we tried to book a train to Strasbourg, there are many, Germany and Switzerland have Strasbourg’s, different spellings, and the poor booking agent was confused as to why we wanted to head to the French one, it was a scene out of the Pink Panther! ┬áStrasbourg did not disappoint in any way. It was friendly, easy to get to, and beautiful around every corner, and extremely family friendly, overall a great family vacation destination.

Since we were staying in Colmar, France, we took a 30 minute train early in the morning. Travelling with a baby is always easier first thing in the morning, or maybe that is just mine. We strapped on the Ergo with our little man inside, and headed out for the day. It is pedestrian friendly, easy to walk around and find your way, and there are lots of parks to let little ones run wild for a little bit.

Since we had walked quite a bit, we decided to take a boat tour. For some reason, if you have the right snacks, it is great entertainment for a toddler, and a nice break for us as parents. The tour itself was well worth it, I am not a big fan of touristy attractions to begin with, but this one actually gave a good historical overview of the importance of Strasbourg.

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