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When I first had my son, I would head out to all these Mommy and me groups or classes. It was a great social outing, as you kind of feel like a un-bathed , caged rat at times. Yes, I know that is a horrible comparison, but my son went through feeding sessions where the only way I could eat, would be to nurse him and snack at the same time. Which usually led to food crumbs not just on me, but all over my son. seriously, those who watched those couple of months can attest, I was merely a one woman milking factory.  So, those outings were always really important to plan my day around.

Then came travelling, and attempting to  remember everything, which if organized I can pack pretty quickly. I prefer to keep things simple but here are a few things to remember when travelling with baby:

1. Flannel burping clothes (otherwise known as Mothers bib against projectile) , sounds insane, but I always have 4-5 packed. flannels are great for extra blankets as well as your last-minute resort, I have run out of clothes, stuck in airport hotel, and I am hand washing a couple of things in the sink kinda emergency.

2. I always had tiny wash cloths with me, they came in handy for accidents, as well as everything under the sun. I always packed a dozen. They are so small, and wash out easily in a sink.

3. Massive amounts of wipes, I always pack a fresh big thing from Costco when travelling. They are great for wiping my face after a long flight, getting accidents off of me, as well as everything in between.

4. I always pack 3 outfits. It sounds crazy, but I have travelled way too many times to know that nothing ever runs on time or smoothly, so it is best to be prepared. Plus, a sweater, even in the middle of summer. Airplanes are cold.

5. Blanket + Sarong. Yes I know, it is just a big piece of cloth. It is fantastic for dirty floors, as well as great for impromptu park visits. It is really easy to wash, and leaves the baby blanket clean.

7. Bibs – I had to take a picture of a friends, ours are pretty gruesome looking now.

8 Slippers – babies and toddlers feet swell. I like the slippers shown because there is no elastic, they are washable, and warm.

9. As soon as our son hit 6 months, those silly change pads were useless and I hated travelling with them. I started to use our travel towel. It is actually a camping towel, it rolls up into nothing, is soft and really easy to wash. I have had it as a travelling staple for 10 years, and used it for the gym when I would go before work. Brilliant, and you can use it anywhere, it covers dirty change tables too.

This list will continue!

Travel Lady