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For those who saw my last post, my apologies.  The publish button should not have been hit, these things happen, spelling errors happen. The joys of not sleeping!


I do love fashion, but in the work world, well lets just say when you don’t work in the fashion industry, and you work for the government, fashion can lead to trouble. There are certain unspoken lines you cannot cross in the government world 1) always stay covered 2) never be too revealing 3) wear really good quality well-fitting suits, but don’t make it obvious where you bought them. 4) never bring a pair of shoes or purse to work with a well-known symbol to work aka Prada, Louboutin etc. the reason being, most bosses will think that you are frivolous and you are spending time on fashion not work.

So, trying to find great clothes for my pregnant body. Well, it was a nightmare for me. My husband and I tried shopping, I was horrified by the selection, the shear hideousness of the silhouettes. My expanding body made it imperative that I buy a few things ASAP. So, I had to settle – good grief, I wore some absolutely hideous garments.

Whenever someone tells me that fashion doesn’t matter, I have to think, they couldn’t possibly have been pregnant. When you don’t have a choice in what you wear, it really drags you down. The baby industry is massive, but everyone has forgotten that the “vessel” is not just that, she is a woman, and she wants to walk around proud of what she is carrying around.

So here is a great guideline, don’t buy too many clothes all at once. Each stage requires a different set of clothes. Women sometime s

Guidelines before shopping:

  1. Don’t buy too many clothes all at once. Your body changes during each stage, and what was comfortable one month, can be extremely uncomfortable the next.
  2. When you buy in small doses, it is not overwhelming, and you can accept the changes in your body if you shop when you need to.
  3. Make sure you research where you want to shop, when you find out you are pregnant. Most women like me, put it off until it was too late. Settling for clothes should never be an option. So be aware of where to shop. I will provide a list of great websites in the next post, and no I am not selling any of it.
  4. Make sure you figure out a budget range. Go online and put what you like in various baskets. This way, you can see what the total is before actually buy. You can then adjust accordingly as well as discuss with your partner how much all of it might cost. My husband almost passed out when I gave him a bill for basics, we had budgeted for baby, but totally forgot about pregnancy and post baby.
  5. Also be aware that you will also have to buy clothes postpartum, sometimes it is for comfort or fit, but don’t panic about it.
  6. Buy one nice outfit that makes you feel good when you notice your body changing. There is nothing worse than trying to squeeze your exploding melons into a bra or a shirt that just screams, I am too tight. Plus, it will make you feel self-conscious and will make you pull at your shirt or pants and draw attention to that area.
  7. Don’t try to stretch your favourite pair of shoes, because you love them. Buy a good pair of shoes that give good support and are comfortable with the swelling.
  8. If you are long wasted, look out for super long Maternity shirts. Trust me, even maternity shirts get short quickly.
  9. All of those button up shirts, just walk away from them. Most women can only wear those shirts for a short period of time. You will be too tired to iron them, and sometimes the buttons start to pinch and your breasts will feel like you will be popping out at any moment.
  10. Don’t get caught up in size. Read each fit guide for each line. They do vary, and honestly don’t get depressed over not fitting into your correlating size. If you are a size 8 regularly, you may not be a size 8 in maternity. Maternity clothes are not standard sizes!

Do you have any great tips?

Travel Lady