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“I am just getting over a bit of food poisoning, not sure what I ate” as I come back into the office for the 5th time after praying to the porcelain gods, and then realized my shoes had been hit (I never did get it out).

3 weeks later “Just struggling with some sort of bug”, wishing I had  bib on, another reason to always have extra t-shirts in my drawer at work.

2 months in, yeah, that cute suit I wore last week, not going to happen unless I spray my body in Pam. I was now sporting the square look.

Sorry, what? I am forbidden to wear a heel, what? Is this what a heart attack feels like, because I think I just blacked out. I love an excuse to buy shoes, but I don’t like to be forbidden to where them(O.K it was orders from the doctor, but still).

Good lord, when did this happen, sitting in my office and I realize that my breasts have grown 2 sizes in minutes and it looks like I have 4 breasts, not 2. My bra was officially cutting off my circulation. Um, don’t I have to go to a meeting, quick, hide them, good grief with what, a poncho.

Working overtime, and overtime I mean 14 hour days, I thought I looked fine, until one of the gentleman in the office quietly gave me a fleece to wrap around my belly. Yes, it happened, the baby shifted, my belly grew in minutes, and my shirt had stretched to see through, seriously, no one told me this would happen.

A planning meeting, sure no problem, really 3 hours and all men. Poor pregnant lady had to try to excuse herself politely, but tripped over the garbage can, then hit the white board and erased the middle contents with belly. Great, I was now wearing blue, and I had gum stuck to my shoe!

Moral of the story – fashion does matter, but most importantly, have a good sense of humour.