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In the last couple of days I have been posting all about Maternity tips. You can read them here and here

I had a very long list of places to shop, and a couple of readers also passed along some info, so here is the rest of the info.

Another shopping tip for my Canadian readers, you can shop online  through U.S websites and get your stuff sent to a U.S postal outlet near the border. Or, when you vacation in the U.S (which I have done frequently) you can call your hotel and organize your stuff to be delivered to the hotel, hotels usually have a separate address to have things shipped.

Maternityrunningskirts.com – if you are a runner or an exercise maven, this store will be for you. I wore my Lululemon until 6 months, then I started to wear my husbands workout clothes (not an attractive look).

I also found that I didn’t want to stretch or actually wear my Lululemon clothes after I had a baby, or buy bigger pieces. So I bought Tuff Athletics stuff from Costco. It was stylish, cheap and reasonable quality for a Mum who was just beginning the shrinking process.

Ingridandisabelle.com – these are the creators of bella band. Never tried it, but a lot of mums I know swear by it. They now have some simple clothes which look fabulous.

Mama-mia.ca – this is brilliant, I had to show a picture of this! This is the M coat, by a Canadian company, we have cold long winters. This coat is designed to fit through pregnancy, then be used to cover up baby in a front pack. Brilliant!!! A woman was walking around H&M wearing one, I accosted her, she was from Montreal and swore by this coat. So, I thought I would add it in to the mix.

ASOS – another blogger reminded me of ASOS, thank you The Fashion Clones.

Viaprig.com – the selection of workout gear is fantastic.

Sportbump.co.uk – I was sent this link from a friend.

Choo-choo-london.com – great selection for Mums who want to breastfeed.

Zara – has a small selection is various stores. The have some lovely stuff, but it does fit on the small size. I actually tried some of their dresses, and they were smaller than the XL dress (which I bought for a Christmas party). It fits a more petite frame, but so cute.

Loft.com – I found this by accident, and a friend of mine had bought a couple of dresses for work, which she loved. Not a huge selection but there are some nice pieces for a conservative workplace.

Guilt Group – well, I am a huge Guilt group fan. Any time I can find something new on sale is great. Every couple of weeks they have a selection of maternity styles. I have managed to order a few things from Guilt Group, awesome delivery, and great prices for pretty high-end stuff.

Shoes – holy crap…

So, I have probably the worst problem. I have extremely narrow feet. In Canada, there are only 2 stores across the country that sells shoes that fit. In the U.S, well, thank goodness for online shopping. I have a huge collection of shoes, mostly old, and some were passed down to me. For work though, I dragged around the world 1 pair of Stuart Weitzman heals, they are the most comfortable pair of heals I have ever owned. So, when my OBGYN told me I had to part from my heals, I thought, well WTF do I wear now. Since my feet were still not showing any signs of swelling, I was stuck.

Seraphine.com carries a line of shoes (obviously I have never tried them, nor do I know of anyone who has tried them.) that are specially built for pregnancy.

After delivering, it was a trainer who specialized in postpartum who told me to buy a new pair of running shoes. Apparently, the shoes you wear during pregnancy wear differently than after, so you can in fact injure yourself if you wear the same runners you had during pregnancy.

Happy Shopping,

Travel Lady