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I am really tired of negative sh#@ about parenthood and kids. That’s right, I swore (not really, this is a G rates blog), I am really tired of it. I don’t know what it is about some of the articles that I have read in the newspaper, magazines or online lately, but many of them are ridiculously negative.
Parenthood is hard, nobody said it was going to be easy, it is the hardest career you will ever have. Do you need your own time, yes of course. Do you and your spouse have to work as a team, well, yes you do. Do you need to ask for help once in a while, yes you do. Can you have a great sex life, yes you can. Do you have a right to complain, yes you do. I stop short though at complaining about your kids and your spouse.

I am just sick of reading things that depict Dad’s and husband’s as incompetent or idiot’s, as sperm donor’s or that for some reason there is no “we” in pregnancy. I was a raving hormonal bitch when I was pregnant, the first 4 months were horrible, I actually had morning sickness morning, noon and night, and I went from crying to angry in a split second. As far as I am concerned my husband was definitely part of that “we”, poor guy was so patient. I might have pushed the baby out, but it was my husband who had to hold it together to get me through it all, who took care of me when I couldn’t get up, and patiently held a box of Kleenex when I spent 2 days crying during the next hormonal adjustment.

Do I think parenthood is glamorous, far from it, but I will never tire of hearing Mummy, or having my hand-held, or watching my son learn new things. Do I think you have a right to get frustrated, yes, but complain about your kids, no! There is a fine line between complaining about your exhaustion, to complaining about how unruly your kids are. If your kids are unruly in your books, take a deeper look at your parenting. You can be funny, but you don’t have to be negative and mean. Someday, your children will read your negativity and think that something is wrong with them. Do I need this negativity cluttering my brain, no, I don’t think anyone does, so why write it.

If you notice, I never speak about my son, and I will never speak ill of my husband. Does my son exhaust me, yes. Do I take breaks, yes. But I will never call him names, or complain about him. I started this blog as part of a bigger journey, and to share experiences, and advice. I love learning from others, and hearing what people have to say. I am self deprecating, and laugh at situations, but I don’t believe in putting down my husband or my child to make a story funnier. Sometimes, we all need to take a step back and reevaluate the bigger picture. Stop stressing the small things and enjoy little moments or even big things. Life is too short to spending it in a negative state.