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As noted in a previous post (Party Time), we have never really had the space or the opportunity to entertain the way we like to. So, these are snapshots of some of our preparation.
We really like to incorporate things that we have had around the world.

Follow the eggs!!!

I had to search for linens. We have antique white stuff that I swear takes me 3 hours to iron properly, don’t have time.

Since we just moved, I had to put everything on our table, just to make sure I had properly washed everything before using it.

I love dishes, and I finally have an excuse to use them all, including antique china from both sides of the family.

Chopping for hours….soon to be many salads.

Then there is the Green sauce, it is from Frankfurt, Germany. We loved it so much, that I had to figure out how to make it. These are the greens for the sauce.

Happy Easter,

Travel Lady