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For 3 years, not only did we move twice, squeeze all of our stuff into a tiny condo, get pregnant, stop wearing heals, become a Mom,  and started to wear flats, we also put everything in storage to travel. A vast majority of my shoe collection has been in boxes for over 3 years. Now I am starting to unpack shoes, and goodness, I didn’t realize my collection had proliferated.

I am reminded about a very quick business trip I took into the U.S. I had been searching for a particular pair of shoes, but I could only get them in the U.S. So I called the hotel and asked if I could get a package sent to the hotel. Of course, it was no problem. Well, my sister wanted a pair too, so I ended up ordering mine and she ordered hers, only my sister didn’t tell me what she had ordered.

I got to the hotel, and as per usual, we had a meeting, dinner and another meeting, to be followed by morning meeting over breakfast, before the big meeting. I kept on stopping at the front desk to ask if a package had arrived for me – nothing. I was getting a little panicky, because this was a 24 hr business trip. My head had to stay in the game and focus on the set of meetings, plus, I was travelling with all men – try telling them that you are waiting for a pair of shoes (or many – I wasn’t sure which with my sisters order).

I got back to the hotel. I got my stuff (a tiny overnighter), and sat in the lobby, I was waiting for my boss and some colleagues. I decided to ask the front desk again.

This time, the woman boldly asked “Girl, watcha waiting for?”

my reply “Um, well a package of shoes”

She said “What, why didn’t you say something, I will call right now and find out where the delivery guy is.”

Me, very much in shock as she picked up with phone and called UPS, the delivery guy was at another hotel, and said he would drop off the packages at my hotel next.

The woman “Girl, you know I can’t live without my shoes, what did you buy?”

I explained my shoe issue. Then the package(s) arrived. The box was massive. My boss looked both pissed and amused.

I had two woman at the front desk look at my bag and the box laugh, and say “We will make it work!” I was ushered to the back with my bag and boxes, two women armed with scissors, and plastic bags. The box was torn open so fast, boxes were flying everywhere, and we discovered that there were 1 pair of shoes and 2 boots in the big box. CRAP.

I heard my bosses voice, he was laughing really hard at this point, and offered to take a pair in his suitcase – WHAAAT? So very embarrassed, I declined that offer. No need, the expert ladies at the desk, had dismantled my bag and boxes and managed to fit everything in, leaving my pair of shoes for my purse.

We arrived on time to the airport no problem. I then had to explain to customs why I had 3 pairs of new shoes…