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At the age of 16, I went to visit family in Vancouver. I was really excited, as I had been living in South America for over a year. The first stop in the grand tour of Vancouver was to go shopping downtown (what else do you do as a 16-year-old!). Vancouver at that time was very “granola”, lots of birks wearing outdoorsy people – now it is more of a clone of California fashion.

The third stop – John Fluevogs. The store had a massive gothic bed in the centre with a crochet & lace duvet/bedding. Shoes were neatly displayed on the bed as well as all around the store. Instead of regular shoe racks, the displays were made up of cool pieces of furniture, carpets and a Victorian coach. I was so very much in love with this store, that I had to try on as many shoes as I possibly could. The shoes were too wide, but I didn’t care, they were cool little heavenly pieces of wearable art. I bought a pair of boots (and I would have to wear 3 pairs of wool socks just to be wearable). You have to understand me and my worped sense of humour for this one, but I declared that I was going to get married in that store. My sister almost killed herself laughing, but I kept on going in my 16 year old sense of humour. Mom and Dad would have a heart attack, definitely not proper enough, we could have dogs as ringbearers, and the theme would be a passage in Flouvog history, even the salesperson was killing himself laughing at this stage.

Boots that I have only worn once, and have had since I was 19:

That didn’t exactly happen, for obvious reasons, but I desperately wanted a pair of John Fluevog shoes for my wedding. My feet are so narrow, that definitely didn’t happen, I wrote letters, no response, I should have done a sit in at his store. I have had fluevogs sitting in my closet, I could lick the bottoms of, because they have never come out of their box.

So, I wore proper pretty shoes for my wedding:

Here it is though, and no I don’t get paid for this, nor will I ever (maybe in my dreams). Fluevog shoes are ridiculously comfortable, I haven’t met anyone who has tried them and hated them. If you have any issues with your feet, man or woman, want some funk to your wardrobe, want supportive shoes that don’t look like orthotics, these shoes are for you.

Mr. Fluevog if you ever read this – why oh why won’t you make shoes in my size!!!!

Happy Shoe Shopping,

Travel Lady With Baby