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Camping and cottage season is just around the corner, woohooo!  We always spend April going through our gear and seeing what we need for the summer. This is the time to start planning and organizing so that those weekend trips are easy.

Travelling with baby and/or children to a cottage? #1 safety tip – make sure you double-check your life jackets, and buy the next size up for your little one’s if needed. We go to our cottage several times throughout the summer, since both my husband and I grew up going to our families respective cottages, water safety was always a number 1 concern. So this summer when travelling with baby and/or children make sure you take water safety seriously. We never let our son past the deck/porch without putting on a life jacket. Yes, you might think that is overly cautious, but accidental drowning can occur, and does all the time. We have never let our son near water without us, but since he is getting older and faster, we know he will be out of our sight for a second and since water is so very enticing to him,  I would rather have the peace of mind that he is strapped into a life jacket.

Make sure you try on the life jacket, and it is comfortable for your little one’s.

Do you have any rules for cottage and camping?

Travel Lady