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I promised an update every once in while, sleep deprivation has not caught up to me yet! Let me mention, I am not in any way shape or form a writer. I used to write policy papers for a living and still might go back to that. A few international friends over the course of a few years, convinced me to put together a how to manual for moving and travelling with babies and children. My outlook, having traveled and moved all of my life, is unique, and some think my stories and outlook are funny and very positive – not convinced of this myself. But challenge is on and taken.

I took a few photos with borrowed things (you wouldn’t want to see some of the things I used when my son was a baby, they are stained and pretty gruesome – on that thought, not sure why I have kept them, let alone move them across the country!) :

You get the picture! Not sure if these will make its way to the how to manual, but this is just the start of all the pictures I have been taking and fiddling around with.

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Happy Travels,

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