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What happens when you take  Travel Lady, no sleep a toddler, and a business that is going ahead at full speed  – A NEW IDEA

Ever try to find a product or a website on products that are baby/child/travel  friendly – can’t find one can you. I am an obsessive packer and I think I am the only person who loves packing  – I will eventually convert you all! I decided that instead of blogging about every last piece of genius product out there (I currently don’t have the time), I would pin them on Pinterest and will be updating Facebook. This is what I do at 9:30pm and 4:30am, why not share it!

Every product I share has either been used by me, or I have had friends who travel more than 3x a year who recommend the products. Let us be honest, sometimes what makes a trip go well is organization and the right products!So, since there is no one stop shop, and we are all way too busy to do research, so, let me help, I love doing this.

If you aren’t on Pinterest, no worries, follow me on Facebook, I will be updating Travelladywithbaby Facebook page regularly. If you find something you have used on a regular basis and it hasn’t been pinned or posted, please share, post it and give a short description. The more we all share, the better!!!

Just click on the Pinterest and Facebook button on the side – just one click!

I truly believe you shouldn’t be stressed on your travels, with the right equipment and the right state of mind, you can do anything with your babies and children.

Happy Pinning and Facebooking,

Travel lady