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Otherwise known as a stairmaster that goes straight up Grouse Mountain.


When my husband and I went to visit Vancouver before we decided to move there, the Grind was our first stop. It is not for the faint of heart, it is grueling – there are races on a regular basis, and many regulars running up the Grind.

You first start, and the incline is pretty easy, by the time you have hit the 1/4 mark, no matter how fit you are, if you have never done anything remotely like this, you are in pain.

By the time you hit the 1/2 way mark, you want to stop and catch your breath, the elevation can take some getting used to. I thought I was fit before we started, but this is just a whole other level of dedication. We had our water, we layered our clothes, we had snacks. It just seemed like it was never going to end! At this point, you see nothing but trees, and you realize that there is a whistle blasting from up top. You look up, and the firemen are coming down to pick up another injured person, usually someone who isn’t wearing proper shoes and doesn’t read the warning signs.

By the time you get to the top, there is always a friendly group drinking water, and cheering you on. When you do this enough times, you realize they are the regulars and the trainers.

The Grouse Grind is the most spectacular way of embracing this mountain. Grab your runners and go up, if you do it slowly, don’t look down and just listen to music, you will enjoy the way up, it isn’t bad. I did it when I was pregnant (until my doctor forbid me to go up).

Things to look out for – wear proper foot gear – i.e runners, or hiking boots. Bring water, and a couple of power bars. Get there early to avoid the crowds.

If you have never done anything like this, don’t bring a baby in a pack to do the Grind, instead, opt to take the Mountain sky ride to the top. We knew a few people who did it regularly, and with a pack for their baby. They knew the trail well, and could carry the extra weight.

There are so many fantastic things to see and do at the top, and all year round, you will not regret seeing it.

Have fun, enjoy the workout and the view from the top!

Travel Lady