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My feet have been battered, bruised, blistered and sprained. They have walked thousands of miles, they have taken me running, peddling and hiked me up to some incredible views over the years. I am blessed to have incredibly strong feet, they have never let me down.

I might be a crazy shoe collector, but I also take really good care of my feet, and always buy good shoes for long walks, hikes and running. I never pack my bags without a good pair of runners or my hiking boots!

Have you been wearing proper shoes when exercising and walking? It sounds simple, but the majority of you probably aren’t wearing shoes according to your activities.

Simple rules:

1. Go to a specialty store and get your feet measured properly, include width and length.

2. Be realistic, know what your main activities are and buy accordingly.

3. Athletic shoes wear out quickly depending on how much mileage you put on them, replacing them regularly is key.

4. Always make sure you try on shoes with your regular socks. I bring my hiking socks or sweat socks with me.

5. Have you gained or lost a great deal of weight? Are you still wearing the same athletic shoes?

6. Have you been having pains in your feet? You should see a specialist.

Take care of your feet, your adventures will be so much better for it.

Travel Lady