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Music has defined every moment in my life. When grunge was in, I went the other way, and fell in love with Hip Hop (I have written about a RUN DMC concert here). I can remember exactly where I was, and what I was doing when certain pieces of music come on, memories flood in,and I can transport myself to a moment in my history.

If I asked many high schoolers now who Adam Yauch is, I am sure I would get a blank stare, if I asked you who MCA is, there would be a slight glimmer from someone who knows their music history, many young heads are filled with hip hop that is not, in my opinion, music. Today, when I read that Adam Yauch passed away, every Beastie Boys song came flooding to memory.  Every song has accompanied me on a moment in my life, including my first kiss, the first time I snuck out to see a concert, and the first time I went camping, and the first time I drank.

As many of you know, I listen to all genres of music, I let my child listen to almost anything that he fancies (unless there is major profanity), but the Beastie Boys stood for so much more for me, politically, socially and mentally. They made me think, they made me aware and they made me question things more, their music was always hopeful, positive, sometime hilarious, but always intelligent.

I hope that everyone takes a little time and listens to the Beastie Boys.

Travel Lady