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I was e-mailed a little while ago asking how we and what we used for hiking with a baby, so I thought I would share. Everyone has their favorites, or, they simply have no idea what to look for. Anything that we can use for adventure, has been used frequently, and used until it is completely broken.

When we first learned that we were pregnant, our first concern was how we were going to maintain our adventurous lifestyle , we knew that some activities would have  to wait, newborns are precious, and vulnerable.

The Deuter pack:

We have several Deuter back packs, all extremely comfortable, durable, and well, we have done some long hikes with them without having sore hips, or backs. The Child carrier is no different! It is adjustable, and all around fantastic.

This pack is for an older baby/ not for an infant – you should never hike with a baby that cannot sit on their own, and have strong necks. We started off with very flat short walks for our son to get used to the pack, and lets be honest, if you try something too extreme or long with a baby, that bad experience is hard to recover from. Since we started off this way, he loved it, he now requests to get into the pack if he sees it. Its structure protects your child with a proper harness. The seat allows your baby to stretch their legs without falling asleep. My husband and I have a 6 inch and 70lb difference between us. The pack is adjustable for that difference.

If you are thinking of buying one:

1. Try it on and walk around with it in the store. Request to put a bag of sand in it – most outdoor stores have them on hand.

2. If you want to share it between you and your spouse, both try it on.

3. Don’t bother buying something like this until after the baby is born.

4. Make sure you think about the weather, always buy the rain shield. I also rigged our childs sleeping bag and attached it inside for extra warmth when we snowshoed.

The Deuter website has great info.

If you have any questions, I am more than happy to answer them!

Happy Hiking,

Travel Lady