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Have you ever been to a flea market? I have never been, wasn’t really sure what I was expecting, but this one was pretty fun. We have made a conscious decision to not buy anything new for our house for a while. It was a beautiful warm Saturday, perfect for walking around outside and enjoying a nice picnic. A perfect outdoor place for a Toddler to explore.This is a Flea Market about 40 minutes from downtown Montreal. It has been around for many years, and  is actually on a beautiful farm, only open on Saturday. The flea market itself is nothing to write home about (hence the reason why I haven’t given the name, it is expensive, but the property is striking and worth a visit just for that. The barns have been redone to have vendors inside, and you can purchase anything from vintage china and silver, to new wood pieces and handmade sweaters. It is child and dog friendly, there are outhouses for you to use, and picnic tables just waiting to be enjoyed.

This is what is behind the field/parking lot:

Old plows and tractors have been left in various parts of the field.

Antique snowshoes are a very common as decoration in this part of Canada. We even have a pair up at the cottage!

I am a little obsessed with old glass milk jugs. I couldn’t believe these still had the name of the milk on them. They are great to use for ice tea, or as a vase.

Have you had any luck at a Flea Market? I am not sure I will venture to one again, I think I prefer Craig’s list and my Mother’s garage!

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