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Travelling is not only a passion, but the only life I really know. To think, there are a billion humans on this planet, we are all connected in some form or another, yet there are 6, 700 plus recognized languages and who knows how many new and old religions and cultures. We have evolved so differently, and yet, we are all human. Our architecture, food, laws, politics and history are vastly different, that is what makes this world such a fascinating and exciting place. There is a respect to travelling that was instilled in me from an early age, observe, don’t pass judgement (although, culture shock actually made me judgemental as a child), but recognize we all do things differently. There is something truly remarkable and lovely about that. I want to be able to not only pass it down to my children but pass along this passion to as many people as I can.

There is no such thing as impossible, and travel doesn’t necessarily mean to far off places, it could mean parts of your own country, back yard, neighbourhood, or town. Go explore and don’t be afraid, just be prepared.

What does travel and adventure mean to you? 

Travel Lady