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I am a closet Friends fan, yup, watched every last episode and even watch reruns (well not so much anymore). Do you run? I mean, do you ever just want to take off running down the street? Before the little man was a bun in the oven, I spent hours running outside and on a treadmill. I remember how I would concentrate on every single stride, trying to perfect it, and breathe properly.

Do you remember this episode? You know, where Phoebe tells Rachel that running should be fun. When I watched this episode, I thought how crazy and insane it was, and where on earth did they get the idea to do an episode like this.


We were in the Netherlands, staying in a wonderful place (I believe I shared this in my Amersfoort post), it was pouring out, and our son was having a really rough day (teething, and growing at the same time), there was a t.v, a VCR, and a bunch of tapes. One of them was Mr. Bean, we watched a marathon, our son was happily cradled on the sofa, and watching Mr. Bean antics. At the end, there was a whole bit about the empire that was built off of Mr. Bean. Rowan Atkinson discussed how much he studied children’s gestures and their movements to get Mr. Bean right. He essentially wanted to make the character universal, and easy to understand in any language and culture – genius. I had never clued in, but my son runs like Mr. Bean.

Last week, my son was chasing the dog, there was such joy to his movement, laughing, running and trying to hoist up his pants before they fell down, it wasn’t so much awkward, but darn right fabulous, it was like watching Mr. Bean. He then screamed at me to start to run, I did my running “strides” and out came the funniest laugh, my son thought my running was funny. Well isn’t that interesting, he thought I was funny… So, I let go and ran like Phoebe in Friends, like I was a kid again! My son stopped and stared at me, then chased after me and the dog. It was the first time in my adulthood that running wasn’t a chore,  it was the wickedest feeling!

As adults, we hold onto so much, we are so serious about everything, and make our children conform to our notions and habits. I had actually forgotten how to run free, let my arms go wherever they wanted. Who cares what I looked like. We were all having a great time.

Try it, you might be surprised how freeing it is.

Travel Lady