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Sometimes a spontaneous hike ends up being the most glorious, awe-inspiring experiences. We had spent a couple of days exploring Santorini, we had been told that this island was beautiful, but no picture or story could truly capture the magnificent view, or the hospitable, and friendliness of this island.
We were staying in a lovely place in Oia, the owner, Panos, convinced us that a walk, which he called lovers walk, was a necessity. Lovers walk is the hike from Fira to Oia. Panos told us to bring a bottle of wine, bread, cheese and some nuts and of course some water – he actually left that off the list . He told us to start 3 hours before sunset, and then stop at the church on the outskirts of Oia. The church was the best place to watch the sunset and drink wine and make a wish for your future.

So we took the bus from Oia to Fira, and this is where we started:

Santorini is shaped like a horseshoe, Fira is on one end, and Oia is on the other tip. Lovers walk, is a path along the cliff, from one end to the other. You start with a short walk in between two walls.

When the path opens up, all you see is the destination at the very tip of the island.

This part of the path is well-worn, and marked.

Then the path starts to get, well, a little precarious. You definitely feel like you are at the edge of the world.

We joked, that this was the pool we were going to jump into,
we were extremely hot.

Then we met some wild dogs on our path:

This is where we looked back, and you can see where we started.

The path ended, and we were not sure where we were supposed to go! You will have to wait for the next post to find out who are unlikely sherpa became!

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