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I have a bone to pick. When I got pregnant, the first thing I received were books, all about pregnancy and parenting.

Here was the problem: All the pregnancy books covered, was what you would be experiencing, and what stage the baby would be at during which stage of the trimester. I read them, looking, searching, you know, for the real stuff. The part where it told you that your baby would move like an alien in the middle of a meeting, to the point of distraction; you would need to always sit by an exit in order to get to the bathroom when your baby moves too much, and kicks your already tiny bladder. Or my favorite, the sweat, no seriously, no where did anyone mention you would sweat as much as you do. What about the itch? The books I read mentioned “slight discomfort” and “slight irritation”. In diplomatic speak, this means “Get out the giant scratching pole, because that itch will be extreme”.  I tried every cream and ever combo, smells made me sick and some just soaked in and didn’t do much. I also had to have something for work relief and travelling for business, think about how dry your lips get in the air x200 for your belly, and you have the idea…what kind of cream do you put on at work, or for that matter in the air without getting really sticky.

So, I tried combos, I tried everything under the sun. I would bring vats of cream to work, run to the bathroom and dip myself. It became a problem. So, I gave up on price by month 6, I went into the Body Shop and bought these:Shea Body Butter - Body MoisturisersCocoa Butter Body Butter - Body MoisturisersCocoa Butter Moisturising Stick - Body Moisturisers

That stick was brilliant. I actually took it onto the airplane, and no, it wasn’t counted as a liquid, bonus!!! It was easy to throw into my purse for work and apply without getting too sticky, or it leaking in my bag. I also don’t have a stretch mark, maybe it is genetic, but I like to think the creams helped.

Was there a product that you used that was a great find?

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