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On a horrible rainy morning in Amsterdam, we got caught in a massive downpour. We were prepared, but the wind picked up, and we were  getting soaked from the bottom up.

We turned a corner and ducked into a store. If you have ever been to a proper Mexican market, you would know that colour, light and fun toys are what it is all about. We turned around, and found an incredible bright spot, under a very dreary circumstance.

This is what we turned around and saw:

I wasn’t actually allowed to take pictures, but I just had to. The store was so much fun.

The store is called Kitsch Kitchen. It is a Dutch company, and yes, all of the stuff in manufactured in Mexico. The colours and sense of fun and play, picked us up so much, that we spent about an hour in the store. By the time we left, the sun was shining and we were destined for our next adventure in Amsterdam.

You should look it up, drop by the next time you are in Amsterdam.

Travel lady