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Hi everyone!

If you are a parent, have done a lot of eating out with your little one  in your area, maybe you can share.

After yesterday’s post about a wish list for hotels, I received a comment from discoveranddevour about wishing hotels would be able to point to baby friendly restaurants in the area.

We all know how difficult it is to find restaurants that have high chairs, have great meal selections for toddlers and kids, have staff that are really accommodating, and are not hugely expensive.

What coffee shops, and restaurants are in your city that are baby/child friendly? There are no geographic restrictions to this, the more far-reaching, the better.  If you have a list of go to places, and would like to share them, pass them onto


I will publish them in a new Restaurant category and will obviously give the sender all the credit. The more information we can share, the more families will want to travel and explore!

I will be sending one out later today on all the great places I found in Vancouver!

Thanks so much, and looking forward to reading about all the great places in your area.

Travel Lady