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I believe my last post on Portland basically left off with how much I loved the city. There is a whole other story attached to this trip.  I will never post about hotels, but this will be an exception. This is the Nines Hotel:

The hotel was a complete surprise, the decor was beautiful and crisp looking. It almost didn’t fit the laid back feel of Portland, but it was stunning non the less. We had woken up at 4am for what seemed to be, a stop and go trip. We cleaned up so many messes, had a strange stop in Tacoma, that when we got to Portland, we looked like a dogs breakfast. Which made us fear sitting on any of the furniture until we showered (I also loved the material of the chair so much that I bought the same one for a chair in our bedroom).

Our room was set up, with a crib, we were so excited because we had hit the 5-6 hour milestone of sleep. We naively thought this would carry on in the hotel. Such wishful thinking!

Our dog even looked like she hadn’t slept for days (it is also a gratuitous shot of my puppy and the pretty carpet):
 We managed to explore the city, but the little man did not want to sleep in the crib. It started with the first night, the little man was not interested in sleeping anywhere (which is why we ended up buying a tent for him) I spent much of the night holding him and nodding off in a lovely big bed. The crying only stopped when I held him or at around 6am, it was a marathon of frenzied eating, and only wanting to be in bed with us.

One morning, I took the dog out, leaving my husband and the little man cuddled together, it had been a rough non sleeping kind of night. The hallway was jammed with dark suited men, all quiet and still. I got into the elevator, and one man looked at me, giving me a glimpse of his earpiece, and said “mam, are you the one with a baby?”

um “yes” I said, he smiled and said “ahh, o.k, he has made quite a racket the whole night” oh great so the secret service stationed outside of my room heard everything, and what, wait, what the hell is the secret service doing in Portland? and who was in the hotel that was so important? I smiled and said “yes, he refuses to sleep, he just wants to eat all night” I attempted to ask him why there were so many people on our floor, and he just smiled. Talk about making new parents feel really uncomfortable, I was terrified of allowing my two month old cry! I also swore we weren’t going to travel again, which obviously didn’t last long.

This is the beautiful hallway, packed with Secret Service, they were kind enough to move out of the way so I could get a shot of the chair.

We never did figure out who was staying in the hotel, but I saw the same secret service guards every morning,  afternoon and night for a few days. I got a glimpse of several people, and even tried looking them up, but couldn’t figure it out.

Beautiful view from the hotel

Have a wonderful day,

Travel Lady with Baby