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Having moved from one end of the world to another, colour and smell have influenced every aspect of life. Sometimes chosing a colour has put me into a paralysis of indecision, but for the last year, I vowed to not buy one piece of black clothing, and to attempt to paint pieces of furniture, using colours we have seen from around the world.

For years I had been in and out of Paris on business. I had lists of places I wanted to visit in the few minutes I had free every night. A famous English bookstore had been on my list for years, I could never find it. I showed my colleague the name of it, and he laughed, and mentioned that the 10 times he had been to Paris, the same bookstore alluded him. After convincing our spouses to join us on a business trip, we actually found this bookstore:

It is a touristy thing, and because it had alluded each of us, we had to find it. The bookstore is housed in a phenomenal piece of architecture that is very old, and full of history. There was a corner with a fabulous teal chair, that absolutely fascinated me. That colour has been stuck in my head for years. Even though I could not get a picture of it, I knew I wanted the same colour in our office.

So, 2 hard wood high school chairs, got a facelift. The paint has been so difficult to work with, that it is taking me more than 4 coats of thin layers to finally get somewhere. It still needs a couple of coats as you can see, but that colour will always remind me of that corner in Paris.

Is there a trip or a country that has influenced you in someway?

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