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My first time stepping foot on French soil was during a massive heat wave for a week of grueling work. There was no air conditioning, meetings went late, and I suffered from heat stroke the majority of the week. I cannot get the image of a massive meeting, with a table full of suit wearing diplomats, gulping down water, and slowly stripping off jackets, ties, scarves, and one person fainting from the heat.  My colleagues and I decided to sprint through the Louvre, got stuck for a few hours on a train, and got very lost in the back streets of Paris searching for our hotel without a map. Even with all of this, I was still very much intrigued with Paris, but not in love.

The next time I returned was in the Spring, and thank goodness for that. I negotiated going a day early in order to adjust to the time, and to organize a meeting. I was able to just sit and enjoy the beauty of the city, without sticking to furniture from heat, and catch up with a couple of old friends.

Paris during a heat wave means everything is a monochromatic brown, the city was dead from Mother nature’s scorn. This time, flowers looked like they had exploded around the city. The city suffered from Colour saturation, and I finally noticed that flower motifs were everywhere. I sat in the middle of a park, walked the streets, and took pictures without my camera perspiring, the first time, the heat was so horrible and humid, no pictures turned out.

That shade of yellow, always reminds me of Paris. I have never seen this particular shade anywhere else.

What a difference Paris is during two different times of year. Seeing the city in the summer, meant I experienced it at its worst and couldn’t appreciate it the way it should be. The whole city was suffering from dehydration and headaches. Seeing it the next year during the spring, was like stepping into a city of light and passion, I was shocked at the friendliness, and helpfulness, compared to me first experience.

It made me really think about first impressions and the time of year you visit a city. The heat distorted my first impression so much, that if I hadn’t been forced to go back, I might not have changed my first impression of this beautiful city.

Have a wonderful weekend

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