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This is a basic list I have compiled for really long trips and layovers when travelling with young babies and/or children.
Diaper Bag:

Benadryl (you would be surprised how handy this can be if a child has an allergic reaction on the plane) Tylenol & Graval

1 blanket each
sweat suit for each
3 extra pairs of socks
slippers for each
2 outfits each + an extra t-shirt
Toy bag:
Play Doh (it is about 4 hours of fun – no joke)
I always have Leap frog laptop – it is pretty entertaining.
flash cards
favorite books
soft ball for delays etc.
We also download stuff on all electronic devices
Take 2 favorite toys and pack them for the trip now, your kids will be surprised
I always bring a new fun activity – you can buy small memory sets for travel.
ChefBoyardee (they have these amazing packages now for the microwave) – I never eat the stuff, but I always bring it on board for emergencies.
Squeeze tubes of food – Target has a wonderful selection of organic. They taste really good, and don’t take up a huge amount of room.
pretzel sticks – I surveyed a couple of colleagues and they swear by them. I think it is because they are dense and kids love them.
Dried Mangoes – on long flights, kids get constipated, the dried fruit like mangoes prevents that.
Something like crystal lite for water. Since they are over 2 you can’t bring milk. Bring flavors, they don’t count as liquids and your kids get something that is not just water. No, I don’t advocate using these things for anything but travelling long flights. Some kids will not drink enough water, I just find that the packages will give enough flavor to water for the kids to drink enough.
Carry on:
Merino wool long underwear (we always use ours as pjs too)
wool socks (for those long flights, feet get cold, and you sometimes have incredibly swollen feet)
I always wear leggings and a long shirt, and bring an extra set. It packs into a ball. For that long flight, chances are really high for your luggage to be delayed.
1 set of underwear each
2 travel towels
I always bring 2 dryer sheets for static
Ikea – bring some small crib pillows. They pack well, and can be used in an airport too. I used one for breast-feeding, and haven’t stopped using it on the plane.
My husband swears by 3 things, his North Face pants that unzip into shorts (our son threw up on his pant leg), a long sleeve Tilley shirt and his long underwear. He has had the same stuff for 10 years, and has been in all sorts of climates in them.
travel liquids
Chap stick (I would buy something that your kids can use)
travel size cream
travel size liquid soap (for hand washing – you never know with little ones)
Hand sanitizer