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I am in love with this bag! I have a collection of leather bags, some very high-end, some not so much. Travelling with a little one, usually means I have to carry a lot, and have to have it right at my feet at all times. This is the only bag I found that is super light, so you aren’t adding weight to an already heavy leather bag. Plus. I have had the delight of having to clean it in a tiny sink in a plane, from a nasty spill, thank goodness it wasn’t vomit! It cleans really well, plus it doesn’t scream “I am carrying around diapers!”.

When I pack it next, I will show a picture of it with all the essentials!

I also bring a couple of bags that are actually made for dirty cloth diapers. They are made of material that cleans really well. They are great for soiled baby clothes, when you can’t actually wash them right away. Plastic bags don’t breathe, and therefore make a perfect space for clothes to permanently stain and smell, even after a good wash!

Have a very happy day,

Travel lady with baby