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Illness has reigned supreme in my household. No sleep (parents), needing sleep (child), snot rags, and various cold suppressant for mum and dad, in order to stay awake while our child, although sick, has the energy of an average child; on a regular day, he has the energy of a whole soccer team on speed (he doesn’t sleep).

So, I had tried to keep up, thank goodness for pre written posts, but forgot to proof read and realized I had sent out the wrong one, my bad. Then the one eye started to go, allergy season has taken over half my face. I officially have been bitten by every bug possible, and have one eye nicely swollen. The one-eyed June bandit has come out.

I will eventually get back to regularly scheduled programming, and I will eventually write people back.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend, a big salute to all the fabulous Dad’s out there!

Travel Lady with Baby