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I guess I should first put a disclaimer that I am not a drinker, and even less so, a beer drinker, in fact, my husband and I barely drink.

We love taking morning trips to various small towns. Our son is an early riser, and what better thing to do than to pick a small town and drive there. Ontario and Quebec have some of the oldest cities and towns in Canada, regions separate us in culture and language, but the influence of main employment can dictate a community. We are a huge country, with little population compared to our size, but we are ridiculously patriotic. We had heard about Beau’s beer, but we had never tried it, nor did we know much about their story, but we just had to check out an all Canadian company.

If you ever want to get a snap shot of small town pride, look no further than Vankleek Hill, Ont. An absolutely, picturesque town, with a phenomenal Brewery. We took a tour, and yes, we even brought our toddler, and no, he wasn’t allowed to run around!

When the little man got bored, we hung out here, and we had a picnic and played baseball. Since it was family run, we weren’t bothered or told to move, in fact, one of the employees came out and played baseball with us.

I didn’t take the full tour, but the production is impressive.

You cannot possibly leave a brewery and not take home something to try, as we both take drinking and driving very seriously, we don’t even take a sip when we are out.

This is the bottle we brought home:

Everything is done on site, branding, labels, bottling etc. Presentation is unique, beautiful and special.

I was so impressed with the presentation, that I wasn’t sure if I wanted to open up to drink any of the beer. Beau’s beer converted me, I was impressed!

This was a really fun drive and experience. We love buying Canadian, but I rarely find any Canadian product that hits everything out of the ballpark, in experience, presentation and in this case, taste. If you are a beer drinker, or not, doesn’t matter, check out

Beau’s Beer at http://www.beaus.ca

Even better, take a drive to Vankleek Hill and take a tour!

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