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Ottawa, Canada’s capital city! It is home to our parliament, and to some of the greatest museums. It is one of the best cities to travel to with kids, but that is not the focus of today’s post!

Trying to find great child friendly restaurants is difficult, especially when you are travelling. Ottawa has some pretty diverse cuisine, but some restaurants are just not meant for families.

Cora’s! Oh how I loved Cora’s before baby, and I love it even more now. Our son at  5 months blew a diaper, and it got all over his infant seat – no problem there was a single washroom, kind service and hot coffee and waffles ready for me after cleaning up. This is a take on fast food breakfast – but the majority of it is healthy. They have fruit bowls, yogurt and a heart friendly menu. It is a chain, but the food, service and layout is pretty much the same. The only breakfast place that an active toddler is still welcome to dine. High chairs, and booster seats are available.


Samira Wake-Up

The Works – a crazy burger joint, when I mean crazy, I mean crazy fun. Different burgers, with all kinds of toppings including Peanut Butter, and Craft Dinner. There are many locations in Ottawa to choose from, all are fantastic. This is a great and fun place to take older kids, around 6 and up. They give you colouring books, have awesome milkshakes and have a pool table in the back. I don’t think anyone has ever been disappointed.

The WORKS Gourmet Burger Bistro


Next time you are travelling to Ottawa with your kids, check these two places out, your kids will love them.

Please do send in your child/baby friendly restaurants in your city, readers would love the tips.

Travel Lady with Baby