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Growing up abroad, and having very little exposure to Canada, but having a Father who represented Canada, I was supposed to know and feel connected to a country I was born in, but I always felt torn, like I never really belonged anywhere.

My earliest and most vivid memory in Canada, was an early morning at our family cottage, I woke up at dawn to the haunting call of loons. Their calls send chills down your back. No other animal, can make a human pause, sit still for over an hour and be mesmerized my another sound, it is like listening to a magnificent orchestra.

This particular morning a few years ago, we woke up to see this view on our lake. With busy city lives, we sit and cherish these moments, and very frequently forget to document them. This time, I coerced myself up and walked slowly to the dock to snap photos. I always feel as if I am intruding on an intimate moment, conversation or barging into their home, in a sense we are, this is their home, we just happen to use it on occasion.

This is what makes me feel utterly Canadian in every way.

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