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I posted about my worst bus trip ever HERE

Yes, it was horrible, but my experience on posting or the International School that I went to was incredible. I wanted to dispel the myth that international school are bad, they aren’t.

ISM Campus

1. The teachers are young, enthusiastic about teaching, adventure and culture. In fact, in South America, the teachers lived in impoverished housing, got fed by our families, did a huge amount of fund-raising, and made us students participate, as well as never complained, and stayed positive even during a massive coup attempt.

2. I once had an American teacher, who had been drafted to the Vietnam war at the age of 18. He was tormented by nightmares, so he decided to never marry, or have his own kids, instead he became a teacher. After surviving Vietnam, he returned to nothing, no hero’s welcome, a family that refused to house him or embrace him, and a future without his childhood friends (incidentally, he lost his 2 best friends, one was blown up beside him, the other got shot and died in his arms), he was devastated. So, once he got his teaching degree, he left and moved back to the Philippines. He was one of the best teachers I ever had. He didn’t just teach Geography and History, but humanity and life experiences.

3. International schools are just that, international, a mobile child only feels comfortable in this environment. In an International school, everyone was accepted, and everyone was embraced and helped adapt, including teachers. I never felt lonely at school or out-of-place. Every time I returned back to Canada I felt like a fish out of water, never feeling like myself, and never did bond with classmates. In International Schools, everyone was always new, first days of school were easy, and everyone could face their culture shock without judgement.

4. Teachers encouraged you to try new things and to get involved. Every International school is different, some have way more funding than others and it is very obvious, but the one thing that they are never short of, is really good education. In every International School, sports were not something you felt like you had to be good at, but if you did try out, you were automatically on the team. For many kids who are mobile, you are always ahead or behind in one thing or another. International Schools never made you feel like there was something wrong with you, they just worked at your weaknesses and let you shine in your strengths.

5. If it were up to me, I would probably move to another country and put my child in an international school. I have kept in touch with every friend from various international schools, we have mini reunions, or meet up somewhere in between business travel. There is a bond that cannot be explained.

So if you are fretting about International Schools, don’t, they will be some of the best experiences of your childs international life.

Travel Lady with Baby