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Colour has always been an incredibly important part of my life. I lived with art on the walls, with wild patterns and exciting and vibrant flowers growing in my back yard. Yet, walls have always been white! My parents would have the same argument every move, what colour do we paint the walls, and the months of indecision would lead to white, white and more white!

For some reason, that carried on in my life. Maybe to the very nature of never wanting to settle down in order to explore the world, or maybe it was out of sheer laziness.

When we entered our current house, there was one hideous shade of orange on one wall. It was a true burnt orange, a shade that looks terrible on any human being, and a truly depressing colour. We thought, well we can live with this, we will only be here temporarily. After months of not wanting to even have a cup of coffee on a chair that faces this extremely orange wall, I finally decided the colour had to go.

Settling on a colour and going with it, can be terrifying, not sure why, but the effort of picking one, or painting it seemed not only daunting, but permanent. How do you pick? I decided not to even think about furniture, and looked through photos. I wanted to stare at a colour that brought a ridiculously happy memory, and inspired me everyday.

This is Rhodes, Greece. Our first full day, it was hot, and we were walking from one ruin to another. It was a magical day, but not for the reasons most think. We had a most grueling flight, nothing went well, and we got off the bus with our backpacks way past our hotel, we ended up walking. We couldn’t find anything to eat, when we finally found our hotel, we were drenched in perspiration (I wrote a past post about this very moment in which I banned jeans on all trips here). We had a choice between food and sleep, we chose sleep. When we woke up, all we saw was blue, and this amazing sand colour. No matter how much Greek mythology you read, you can’t truly understand or appreciate it, until you see it, the colours are thousands of years old.

This is what inspired me to cover up that orange with this:

I had to take off the mantel, you can still see a strip of orange.

Of course you can see a close up of my stone loon (I wrote about loons and my connections to them here)

I love that this colour has a spectrum in various lights, it becomes turquoise, green or very blue, just like the water in Rhodes.

I am not afraid to paint a wall with colour any more, and I am sure around the corner on our next big adventure there will be another colour inspiration.

What colour inspires you?

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