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Have you ever been stuck in a long border wait? We have been crossing the border for years, mostly to hike, explore, and when our son came along, we started to shop (sorry Canada, but the U.S has Target…). We have been stuck at the border for over an hour, even when we have timed it so we get there early. The above picture was from our last border cross, we waited for an hour. The problem with driving across the border is the unpredictable waits, and the fact you are stuck, unable to get out and let your child run around or stretch their legs. We try to avoid meltdowns at all costs, it usually means a massive bag of tricks.  Besides realizing we actually have to invest in a DVD player for the car, here is a list of great activities for a toddler to keep them occupied for the hour plus long waits that you might encounter.

We have had this laptop for so long, it now stays in the car. It gives us a good 30 minutes of activity.

Leapfrog My Own Leaptop.Opens in a new window

I like the LeapPad, it is interactive and indestructible (unlike your iPad, it can be thrown around a few hundred times).

LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet - Green.Opens in a new window

We have just started on card games. I loved Melissa and Doug for their quality and their imaginative images.

Melissa & Doug Classic Card Game Set.Opens in a new window

My husband found this one day. It is such a great idea, you can bring it into restaurants,  car, train and plane. No paper necessary. Only problem, the pink stains – throw it out!

Crayola Dual Sided Dry Erase Board.Opens in a new window

All images courtesy of Target.

We listen to a lot of music in the car. Our little man loves every type of music, we don’t limit him at all. He sings along and dances in his seat.

How do you entertain your child in the car?

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