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Stars And Strollers

Check out the nearest cineplex or movie theatre near you! No, you don’t have to miss out on a fun movie, once a week at some movie theatres,  movies are set with lower volume,  change stations are set up, and  moms and their babies are invited to enjoy a great movie in a more relaxed environment. Crying and fussy babies are always welcome and expected.

I had great fun going to one in Vancouver, it wasn’t the greatest of venues, but a bunch of us ladies took our then 2 month old babies to the theatre. When you are mostly nursing and changing diapers, it doesn’t really matter where you are! Enjoying a fun movie and great company was a welcome change.

You Deserve A Little Play Time

Check out your local area, sometimes community centers put them on in the afternoon and evenings (to bring Dad along), movie theatres vary depending on how popular they become. It is a great excuse to have a shower, get out of the house, and meet some new people!

Travel Lady with Baby