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Oh yes, I have been dancing around this subject matter for far too long. It has been exactly 5 months that we have been living in this small town, well, it isn’t that small, but since we live outside of Montreal, it feels small.

1. Did you know that when you don’t show up for church the minister and congregation seek you out at the grocery store, yup, they do, they have radar or some sort of tracking mechanism on you. They then make you feel more guilty for not going, even if your child is sick, then you mother does for not showing up for Sunday dinner.

2. There are still bagboys at the grocery store, you have to tip them, even though they don’t know how to pack your bags. The last one I got I had put grapes in with my meat, and the eggs were put under the flour. No problem, I will pay you 2 dollars for you to pack then walk me to my car, when I get home I will have salmonella¬†poisoning and broken eggs.

3. Since we live in Quebec everything is in French, except for many of the street names. It is so confusing to go from Pine street, Walsh street to then have L’avenue Saint Jacques and Cote Saint Jean.

4. I went for a run and got lost. It took me so long to figure out where I was that the only marker I had was the horse on the corner.

5. I still can’t get used to Franglais, straight French I can handle, English I can handle, but the mixture of both has left me confused and my brain hurting.

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