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Bright colours have always intrigued me and influenced my mood. I love the idea of colourful candy, and what better way to pick colours and a great party theme than gum balls!

These colours remind me of Mexico and the bright pinatas filled with candy and toys. A while back I posted Party Time, and my love of colourful parties, and the influence travelling and living abroad has influenced how I entertain (or at least want to), and how I want to decorate my house (which  you can see my first foray into painting a wall in Colour influenced by Greece). 

Dylan Lauren (Ralph Lauren’s daughter) owner of Dylan’s Candy Bar, used Gum Balls as an inspiration for her Bride’s Maids dresses. The inspiration brought fun, originality and beauty to the wedding.  This is from InStyle Magazine  Sept. 2011.

Colour in Candy can bring inspiration to any party, the jar I used is from Ikea, and costs $2.99. The gum balls can be purchased anywhere, and makes for a great focal point for any candy bar.

The colours might just inspire me for the family room/play room.

Have a fun day,

Travel Lady with Baby